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Testimony from a life-long piano student and Pilates instructor

“I have been attending the Yamuna® Body Rolling classes at Paradigm Wellness as a self-care body regime, which proved to be extremely complementary to the Pilates work I was doing and teaching. In 2016, I signed up for the YBR® Phase 1 instructor training. It was 3 days of YBR® Experiential Anatomy where we used the Yamuna® balls to locate and work through all muscle groups in the body. 3 full days of YBR® work realigned and brought back suppleness to all muscle groups in the body. The most surprising benefit for me: my finger span expanded and playing the piano became much freer!! I attributed this to the 3 full days of muscle release work done at the YBR® Phase 1 training.

In 2017, my group had an amazing 7 days at The Phase 2 YBR® Certification Course where we delved further into the YBR® work, including hands-on assists. We witnessed many body transformations throughout the 7 days. Some of them, really profound. I am continuing to witness how the work has affected the people whom I am sharing the work with. It has been extremely rewarding.”

Wee Guan~ piano student, Pilates teacher.

Certified YBR® practitioner (Class of 2017, PW Singapore).


Interview with Katie Hess, Founder of Lotus Wei

We had the pleasure of having Katie Hess, Founder, Flower Alchemist + Spiritual Seeker in our PW studio when she was last here in December to promote her book “Flowerevolution”. PW has been partners with Lotus Wei for several years now and we are passionate about the small range of products at our store, we only hand-pick products we love and use. Whilst Katie was in Singapore, we had a lovely afternoon hosting her in the studio, just talking and spending time with her.