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Loo Ying Yan

Ying Yan started yoga out of curiosity when she discovered that the two bodyworkers who inspired her a lot, Yamuna Zake and Ida Rolf, were both yogis. Their revolutionary insights and approach to the human body were probably built on a strong mastery of the self through the practice of yoga. Ying Yan is a certified Yoga teacher with the International Yoga Teacher Association (IYTA) and a certified Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor. She is on a mission to help people become more aware of the relationship between the way they hold their bodies and the muscular imbalances that ensue. Her classes are designed to bring about balance of the body, mind, and soul.

Ying Yan is also specialised in Yamuna Foot Fitness which makes her the person to go to with your questions about your foot issues. In her classes she teaches you the importance of the fitness of your feet for a healthy functioning of your total body.




Balakrishnan (Bala) is a 300 hours yoga teacher trained by the world-renowned Jivamukti Yoga School (NYC) and Vyasa Yoga Singapore (a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance). He is back in Singapore after a 4 year learning and teaching stint in Europe.

With over 20 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry, he has worked with the Singapore Sports Council, Ministries, Schools, Clubs, NGOs and has been featured in the local media. For his corporate yoga classes, he incorporates mindfulness and relaxation techniques to strategically equip employees with skills to cope with challenges at work.

His yoga journey began after incurring a debilitating injury while being a competitive runner at National level. Founder of YEAH! (Yogis for the Environment, Animals and Humanity!), Bala has special interest in community work, animal advocacy and nature preservation. His fun and uplifting sessions incorporate sound (with didgeridoo & singing bowls), spoken word and poetic affirmations



Krisa Qiu (Maa Krishna Ananda)

Krisa started practicing in 2007 due to her weak constitution. From then, she has witnessed the healing power of yoga in her health and flexibility. She constantly credits meditation as the transformative force in her life. Prior to meditation in 2011, she constantly sought fulfillment outside. It was only through much introspection and development of her inner awareness that she is now able to bring joy and maturity into each class she conducts.

“Many times our answers are within. I too, was constantly seeking for external validation, when true joy lies within. My dharma (duty) is to give back so that others can also discover completeness within themselves. When that happens, total health- physical, mental, social and spiritual health naturally follows.” Krisa extends her deepest gratitude to all her teachers S.N Goenka, Dr Omanand and family for teaching her unconditional love and forbearance.



Lena Lee

Prior to becoming a Pilates Instructor, Lena worked in the corporate world and enjoyed physical activities including running, swimming and cycling. After attending her first Pilates class in 2003, she fell in love the modality and how it made her feel physically and mentally.

Pilates was transformed her overall well-being and her general fitness, particularly in relieving chronic conditions including ankle pain and lower back pain. Lena grew in her commitment and interest in Pilates, eventually leading her to receive her certification to teach from the Ron Fletcher Programme of Studies. Since then she has been passionate in sharing her knowledge as a Pilates instructor, working with a variety of clients to improve their strength flexibility, mobility and posture. She continues to dedicate her time to studying, training and practicing Pilates as a full-time instructor.


Amy Chong

Born and bred in Malaysia, Singapore and Melbourne Amy had a passion for movement which she converted into a tool she could use to help others achieve the same freedom and balance in their bodies.

She began with her journey into Pilates spreading the alignment, stability and strength exercises through teaching Matwork in schools, clubs, corporations and gyms.

Along the way she met with The Gyrotonic Expansion system which changed her life inside out. Ever since then Amy has helped people using the Gyrotonic Method in studios to mobilise their spine and joints, create a healthier reproductive digestive circulation hormonal and neural balance in the body increasing their function and vital energies.

She has since also taught group classes using the Gyrokinesis Method in studios to achieve the same results. She hopes to empower more people to have this ability to stimulate the body to heal itself.

Certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, Amy has the tools to make all of her classes fun and varied but above all to help you forward faster in any class that she teaches.