Schedule for Movement Classes (Open Sessions)

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Yamuna Body Rolling: In this class, we use different sizes of soft balls to explore our bodies, massage and work out. Working on bone, muscles, ligaments and fascia. The focus during this practice lies in breathing, creating space, relaxing and lengthening as well as toning muscles. Read more here.

Pilates Principles: A Pilates Fundamentals class focused on improving body awareness, alignment and strength through controlled movements. Yamuna balls might be used to assist, challenge and/ or support movements.

Yoga Foundation: Beginners or anyone with a beginner’s mind, balanced hatha class that focuses on using poses to get into the body.

Hatha Yoga: Wake up to Hatha Yoga, learn proper muscular engagement and the right postures to achieving proper alignment whilst increasing body awareness, strength and flexibility. Suitable for all levels.

Flow Yoga: The foundation of flow is the linking of breath to movement. This class is Designed to build strength and foundation through a set of choreographed poses, this allows the practitioner to be present while moving with the breath. Expect to sweat, experiment with the practice and walk away feeling refreshed and energized. Suitable for all levels, may include arm balancing and inversions.

Power Yoga: A stronger, dynamic practice for individuals who prefer a good sweat before they start their day. This class works on strengthening core, and other key muscles that are required in achieving yoga asanas. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Yang Yoga: Yin Yang is the combination of dynamic postures ‘Yang’ with a passive holding practice ‘Yin’. The Yang part of class is focused on building strength and flexibility of the physical body. The Yin part of the class is focused more on a reflective mental practice via long stationary holds. The structure of the practise may differ from class to class. Suitable for all levels.

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