Interview with Katie Hess, Founder of Lotus Wei

We had the pleasure of having Katie Hess, Founder, Flower Alchemist + Spiritual Seeker in our PW studio when she was last here in December to promote her book “Flowerevolution”. PW has been partners with Lotus Wei for several years now and we are passionate about the small range of products at our store, we only hand-pick products we love and use. Whilst Katie was in Singapore, we had a lovely afternoon hosting her in the studio, just talking and spending time with her.

Q: Katie, please tell us more about how you first started your journey creating LOTUSWEI in 2000.

I provided one-on-one flower elixir therapy consultations for over a decade. After so many years working with clients individually and seeing such amazing life transformations, I wanted everyone in the world to experience the same. Creating products was the only way to reach more people and create a huge worldwide ripple effect of positivity.


Q: What has been some of the strongest and most compelling responses from clients who have taken LOTUSWEI products?

Better sleep, ability to release fears, stress and self-limiting patterns, career change, new meaningful relationships, increased confidence, more self-love, more risk-taking, reproductive balance, facial radiance, looking younger, improved communication, weight loss, better self-care, fearlessness, self-expression, clarity, creative liberation, self-acceptance, soothing heartbreak and grief,  insights, breakthrough’s, ah-ha moments, and it goes on and on and on. Anything you can imagine, there is a transformative flower elixir for it.


Q: Is this your first trip out to Asia with LOTUSWEI and how has it been spending time in Singapore?

I have been to Asia several times before, including to Singapore on two previous trips but they were really short stays! This time I stayed for a month, which I LOVED, because I could really settle in to the culture and feel what it feels like to live here vs. being a tourist. What I love most about Singapore: diversity of people-languages-spiritual traditions, food, fruits, energy, purity, sincerity and genuine care. Even though most Singaporeans feel that they live in a big urban jungle, as an outsider, I still really feel the power of the true botanical jungle in the bones of the island, which exudes a lush abundance and elicits a sense of possibility and that the sky is the limit. I absorbed so much from the plants on the island ~ there is a deep wisdom and teaching that comes from them. For more about my experiences in Singapore, click here.

Q: What has been the most common response so far from people you’ve met and tried LOTUSWEI products in Singapore?

Singaporeans who have used them over a longer period of time are fiercely loyal fans – they will tell you intricate stories about how their lives have transformed since using the flower elixirs. New people who I met during this trip, who are just now learning about the transformative power of flowers are curious, intrigued and open. It feels like the timing is right. From my conversations with people, it appears to me that Singaporeans crave nature time and the next best thing to being able to spend time in nature – is to bring it – and how it makes us feel – into our daily lives, into our bodies with the elixirs from flowers.


Q: We all lead busy, hectic, crazy lives filled with lots of stress, regular exposure to non-stop media and less than ideal health habits. What are some of things we can do in taking LOTUSWEI products and what would do you think would be most beneficial?

Flower elixirs bring the joy of nature back into daily life. Not many of us can go out into nature every day. How do we feel in nature? We feel more calm, we get better sleep, we feel happier. Flower elixirs are like nature in a bottle and help us feel those feelings, even if we are indoors all day or in a big city.

The use of any flower elixir (or using a mist or anointing oil that is infused with flower elixirs) can make a big difference in our state of mind. In the short-term it dissolves static, stress and tension. In the long-term it unravels self-limiting patterns and helps us see our full potential.


Q: You have been traveling around the world the last few months launching your latest book, Flowerevolution, please share with us some highlights from the book.

To share the book with the world, we hosted beautiful sensory events called Flowerlounges, with fresh flower mandalas, music, aromatherapy, floral wall projections and flower readings and meditations. We were surprised to see such a dramatic effect take place in the participants, bringing out their joy and sense of reconnection with themselves and everything around them. To see the kind of emotional transformation they experienced in such a short time was so inspiring and surprising to us.

The intention of the book was to reconnect people with themselves by reconnecting them with Mother Nature. The Flowerlounge events were the energetic initiation to that process and the book carries it even further.

The book features 48 flower profiles – you choose the flower you’re most attracted to in order to find out what it means about you, how you’re feeling right now and what you might need more of.  It’s packed with information, stories, reflections and rituals designed to wake up your connection with nature, yourself and your loved ones. It demonstrates how you already speak the language of flowers, how plants are psychic, the ways floral energetics have been used for healing throughout history, what flower elixirs are, how they work and how they can be used to create a worldwide ripple effect of positivity.


A big thanks to Katie for sharing her thoughts and spending time with PW, we look forward to having Katie back in Singapore with us!


~The PW Team