Krisa Qiu (Maa Krishna Ananda)

Krisa started practicing in 2007 due to her weak constitution. From then, she has witnessed the healing power of yoga in her health and flexibility. She constantly credits meditation as the transformative force in her life. Prior to meditation in 2011, she constantly sought fulfillment outside. It was only through much introspection and development of her inner awareness that she is now able to bring joy and maturity into each class she conducts.

“Many times our answers are within. I too, was constantly seeking for external validation, when true joy lies within. My dharma (duty) is to give back so that others can also discover completeness within themselves. When that happens, total health- physical, mental, social and spiritual health naturally follows.” Krisa extends her deepest gratitude to all her teachers S.N Goenka, Dr Omanand and family for teaching her unconditional love and forbearance.