We work with corporate, educational, and public institutions to design and implement custom programs. We recognize that exercise and wellness is becoming increasingly isolated to gyms, studios, and other designated locations, without truly taking into consideration the individualized needs of the client. We bring our integrated services to your workplace, school, and conferences.


At any stage in your life it is possible you feel stuck physically. It can be because;

  • stress at work is causing you neck and shoulder pain,
  • sitting all day causes your low back pain,
  • maybe you love running but it causes your knee to hurt, or
  • you just had surgery and you want to optimise your rehab.

In either of these cases we will assess your situation and tailor a program that suits you best.


We design tailored programs for your company’s specific needs.

Improve productivity, creativity and minimise sick leave through increased well being of your employees.

What we can do for you;

  • Movement classes: Yamuna Body Rolling, Pilates, Yoga, Gyrokinesis
  • Lectures and Workshops on health related topics such as;
    • Stress, how does it affect your body,
    • Anatomy of neck and shoulders, understanding your neck pain,
    • Boost your metabolism,,,

Some of our previous corporate clients include;

  • IMC
  • Great Eastern
  • Airbnb

Educational and Public Institutions:

Paradigm Wellness can bring its programs out to your school or event too. We can take our movement classes, lectures and workshops to your institute.

Contact us for more information. For samples of our consulting work, email us today.