Yamuna® Body Rolling: [Release Therapy] In this class, we use different sizes of soft balls to explore our bodies, massage and work out. Working on bone, muscles, ligaments and fascia. The focus during this practice lies in breathing, creating space, relaxing and lengthening as well as toning muscles. Read more here.

Foot Fitness & Yoga:  [Grounding & Strength] Get more grounding building your strength from your feet up. Ultimately our posture starts from our feet up but our feet are often the most neglected part of our body. Learn to use your feet and muscle chains from there up to improve your movements.

Yoga and Sound Healing: [Awareness & Meditation] A guided 60 mins yoga class that evolve progressively through a series of postures and movements based on traditional yoga philosophies.  Complete and conclude your session with 15-mins of  breath-work through live sound immersion of bells, didgeridoo and singing bowls which are excellent mediums for mind-body connection. Suitable for all levels.

Pilates with Yamuna® Balls: [Structural Alignment] A Pilates matwork class improving body awareness and alignment to build core strength, stability and flexibility. Stay balanced through deep breathing, strong and mobile in this stretch and tone class! Yamuna® balls will be used to assist, challenge and/ or support movements.

GYROKINESIS® :[Functional Strength] A unique movement method addressing the entire body, coordinating movement,  breath and mental focus. It’s opening energy pathways, stimulates the nervous system, increases range of motion and creates functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.

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