Conscious Living with Bobble Bottles

Paradigm Wellness is about facilitating a direct personal experience of well-being through living consciously, from our movement wellness classes, to our personally selected range of products that we support at our studio.

As part of our Conscious Living initiatives at PW, we would like to work together and support events to educate, to create impact, to remind ourselves that we can each play a small part in being conscious of reducing the consumption of single serve disposable water bottles in our daily lives.

Bobble water bottle comes with a filter that makes tap water taste fresh, which makes it easily refillable, it’s also eco-friendly and allows for frequent, easy hydration.   We hope you will be part of the movement to reduce, reuse and recycle and make a choice. To find out more about Bobble water bottles and explore ways we that we can partner with you, please contact us at




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