Conscious Living with Bobble Bottles – NTU Charity Run, May 2018

We were delighted to be able to support the Arts From the Heart Charity Run with Bobbles in the goodie bags to encourage runners and participants to refill on the go and reduce the consumption of single serve water bottles during the event.



Bobble Bottles have been the focus of our Conscious Living campaign since last year, where PW explored ways to work with a variety of institutions and organisations, targeting young adults, students from primary to secondary school, to visitors who visit our beautiful Botanic Gardens and clubs like The Singapore Polo Club to spread the message of reducing the extensive use of single serve water bottles.

Our mission is to share the information on how much plastic is choking our beaches and marine life, and the amount of time needed to for plastic to decompose in our landfills, which is hugely alarming and devasting to our environment.

The events Paradigm Wellness supported with the Bobbles include:


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